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Document Completion Assistance

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PalmettoMEC provides consulting services to applicants or their authorized representatives throughout the application and eligibility process. We will help the applicant gather needed verification and understand relevant policies and procedures for long-term care programs, including requirements to be met for an applicant to be eligible under Income Trust policy.


In some instances, an application may have already been submitted to SCDHHS before the applicant contacts us for help. In other instances, PalmettoMEC initiates the application from the beginning. Regardless, we will be glad to help complete the eligibility process. We do offer a package in which PalmettoMEC completes all necessary documents on behalf of the applicant; the applicant will only need to sign the required application and forms, and provide personal financial statements and other required documentation.

Once all requested information is gathered, PalmettoMEC will deliver the application to the SCDHHS office for the applicant's eligibility determination. We will then followup with the SCDHHS office regularly until an eligibility decision is made. If a SCDHHS case manager requests additional information at any time during the eligibility process, we will assist in obtaining what may be needed. If an applicant does not initially meet eligibility requirements, we will provide guidance until the applicant is approved.

Additionally, since each case is to be reviewed annually by the SCDHHS, PalmettoMEC offers a service to complete the annual review form for the applicant and deliver it to the SCDHHS office; the applicant will only need to sign and date the required forms and provide personal financial documents. We can save you time and frustration of having to complete the yearly review requirement.

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