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The Institutional Medicaid Application

An application for Institutional Medicaid (nursing home, residential or in-home care) is usually completed by a spouse or close family member who represents the applicant. Representatives can experience a significant amount of stress throughout the application process. They may already be emotionally distraught from the decision to admit their loved one to a nursing facility. Stress can be further compounded when other demands, such as a busy personal schedule, difficulty collecting essential information, requirements to complete numerous documents, and looming deadlines are factored in. For these and all other circumstances, PalmettoMEC is here to provide assistance

If an applicant or representative selects PalmettoMEC to represent him or her in the application process, our company will work with them to promptly obtain required documentation to be returned to the SCDHHS case manager by the established due date(s). Once obtained, the applicant's relevant financial and personal information will be carefully recorded, neatly organized, and securely documented.

The various sections of the application will then be separated, tabbed by appendix (as necessary), and labeled to create a complete and comprehensible document, both for the applicant's representative and SCDHHS case manager. PalmettoMEC will deliver the completed and signed application to the SCDHHS office to be processed. When all required information is returned timely to the SCDHHS, their case-manager(s) can then evaluate the information and make an eligibility assessment. Should the applicant need additional time  to obtain information, PalmettoMEC will contact the SCDHHS office to request an extension, enabling us an opportunity to help the applicant/representative secure the needed information.

PalmettoMEC's services include:

  • Completion of the SCDHHS Form 3401 Medicaid Application for Nursing Home, Residential, and In-Home Care and other SCDHHS essential forms on behalf of the applicant or representative

  • Assisting the applicant with options for best management of assets to enable them to meet Medicaid’s nursing home resource limit promptly and without a spend down

  • Penalty-liable transfer resolution

  • Promissory note development

  • Help with understanding Income Trust policy and meeting income policy requirements

  • Following-up with case managers to provide additional information as needed and checking on the progress of the application until it is approved.

  • Representing the applicant or family at any scheduled interview with the Medicaid case manager(s) or hearing officer; and,

  • Assisting with the SCDHHS-required annual redetermination process.

Save time and reduce frustration! Let PalmettoMEC help!

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