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Palmetto Medicaid Eligibility Consulting, LLC

Long-Term Care Eligibility Specialists for South Carolina Medicaid

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Serving all of South Carolina! We come to you!

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Placing a loved one into a nursing home facility for long-term care is one of the most difficult choices a family must make. The decision alone can be stressful enough, but having to arrange for the payment of nursing home expenses often renders the process additionally and unnecessarily burdensome. The average monthly private pay rate for 2024 is $9,243.22 or $303.89 per day.

It is common for nursing home residents to apply for assistance from the Medicaid program to finance their nursing home stay. Unfortunately, very few applicants or their representatives understand the requirements that must be met in order to finance a resident’s expenses.

PalmettoMEC specializes in helping individuals and families successfully navigate the complicated South Carolina Medicaid application process. We help families manage and arrange their assets so they can qualify for needed services while saving time and money.


Getting lost in the Medicaid long-term care application process?

Unsure where to begin?

Let us help you solve the puzzle! 

Eligibility For Medicaid

To be eligible for institutional Medicaid in a nursing home or home and community-based waiver services program, individuals must meet three requirements: a medical need test, an income test, and an asset test. To meet the medical need test, an applicant must be assessed and certified by licensed nurses and social workers, and require nursing care at either the Intermediate or Skilled nursing level. Certification for the level of care is usually done by the nursing home where the patient resides or by the  Community Long Term Care division of the SC Department of Health and Human Services...

What Our Clients Say

Lori Stewart

“Andre Pinson at Palmetto MEC was an immense help for us going through the Medicaid application and approval process for Jeff's dad. He helped us understand the process, guided us through preparation of all of the paperwork required, help us meet all the DHHS criteria, and followed up with DHHS until his dad was approved. Even after Jeff's dad was approved, Andre has always been there to answer questions as they arise. He has gone above and beyond to help us  navigate what could have otherwise been an overwhelming process. We can't thank him enough!"

P. Garrison

"For us out of state to help get my mother-in-law on to Medicaid, Andre provides excellent service. He is very knowledgeable, thorough, and helps immensely to navigate the bureaucratic waters. Well worth his fees and highly recommended!"

Rick Askew

"Securing Medicaid approval for an elderly relative would have been a much more difficult and time-consuming effort without the assistance of PalmettoMEC. Communication was immediate and clear. Andre Pinson was quickly available for feedback to answer questions or handle issues."

Cheryl Hayes

"Andre Pinson at Palmetto MEC recently assisted my sister and I in applying for Medicaid for our aunt. Transitioning a loved one into a care facility is never easy and the additional stress of applying for Medicaid at the same time only makes that journey more challenging.

Andre was willing to drive from Columbia to meet with us at the nursing home to begin the Medicaid application process. He let us know exactly what information we would need to provide and was willing to answer all of the many questions that we had. I feel like it would have taken a lot longer to get our aunt’s application approved if we had not had Andre to guide us through the process.

Once the application was filed, he was diligent in following up with DHHS until the approval process was complete. He was also good about keeping the nursing home informed on the status of our aunt’s Medicaid application (which I am sure that they appreciated).

He always responded promptly to our phone calls and emails. He was so pleasant to work with through every step in the process. We greatly appreciate all of his help and highly recommend him!"

Leroy Stevenson

"First I want to thank Mr. Pinson for his professionalism. Mr. Pinson was accurate in the information given and obtained. Mr. Pinson stayed in contact until the application was completed and approved. I was very much satisfied with his work ethics: stick with it until the job is done. Mr Pinson is to be commended and I would certainly recommend his service/company. Thanks so much Mr. Pinson!"

John Randone


"I'm so happy we used PalmettoMEC to assist with my mother in law's Medicaid application.
We thought our application was straight forward; however, Medicaid instituted a change (something they frequently do ), which complicated the application and could've compromised eligibility. Andre's experience, guidance and diligent work was essential in navigating us through the process. His strategic advise ultimately helped us achieve positive results/acceptance.
I would fully endorse Palmetto Medicaid Eligibility Consulting; its well worth the investment."

T. Eisenback

Bill Potter
"Applying for and ultimately getting approved for Medicaid is a very difficult task at best. The best thing I did was consult with Andre / PalmettoMEC. They are very knowledgeable of all the requirements, walk you through gathering the tons of info you will need to submit, and put together and submit a comprehensive package to Medicaid on your behalf. They will stay with you through this frustrating journey until a positive outcome is reached. DON'T do this alone! My experience was positive, and successful!"

S. Clyburn

"Mr. Pinson helped us with a very difficult case. He worked with us for 9 months and never gave up."

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